Privacy statement

'Think privacy & do the right thing'
Last updated on 8 May 2017

Air New Zealand is recognised as the organisation responsible for the collection and use of personal information in the context of providing the products and services we have outlined throughout the privacy centre.

We have provided some translations in languages other than English. If there is any uncertainty between the English version and these translations, you should refer to the English version.

We will update the content on this privacy centre if there are relevant changes in law or in our business operations. Check back from time to time.

When you interact with us or visit and use our online and mobile applications, you are accepting the practices for handling your personal information that we describe here. The information contained throughout this section equates to the Air New Zealand privacy statement.

Air New Zealand privacy requirements

It's a big job protecting the privacy of your personal information. We have outlined five clear privacy requirements that apply to customers who are anywhere in the world and who use our products or services.

These privacy requirements reflect our business principles that you can find in our Code of Conduct. They guide our efforts to 'think privacy & do the right thing'.

1. Operate safely, responsibly and reliably

  • We have assigned roles, responsibility and accountability for privacy management across the business from our leadership team down
  • We have a global privacy office which engages with our employees and partners to design products and services that address and respect privacy impacts

2. Act with integrity, honesty and transparency

  • We are open about our reasons for collecting, using and sharing personal information and we ensure they meet legal and legitimate business requirements
  • We communicate openly and clearly through our privacy centre (and other channels) explaining how we collect personal information and who we need to share it with
  • We provide customers a way to access and update the personal information they share with us and we aim to maintain the quality of information we handle

3. Protect our people, property and information

  • We believe that personal information that is private should remain private and we regularly remind employees how to protect it
  • We work with our security team and partners to protect the personal information we are responsible for
  • We will keep personal information only for as long as needed to meet legitimate customer and business needs

4. Treat people fairly and with respect

  • We only collect the personal information we need and if we need to use or share it for new reasons we will try our best to let customers know
  • Where it is feasible, we give customers control over the personal information they share with us and their preferences
  • We seek to provide our customers with personalised offerings that are relevant and helpful
  • We welcome feedback on the way we handle personal information

5. Comply with the law

  • We respect and comply with core global privacy values
  • We keep an eye on changes in the law globally that may impact privacy and if necessary we will update our approach to privacy